Eucharistic Congress 2020: “Come Back to Me”

Come back to me.” (Zechariah 1:3) This scripture is more than a theme for the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s 25th Eucharistic Congress. It is a personal invitation to you to come to the Lord through adoration, reconciliation, worship, song, prayer, education, service and fellowship with other Catholics. All are welcome.

Reverendísimo John F. Donoghue
Archbishop Donoghue

The Eucharistic Congress started as a response to what Archbishop John F. Donoghue saw as a hunger in our church. During the two decades that followed, it has grown and evolved into a powerful tool for revitalization and evangelization. You can come with your parish or on your own. We encourage you to consider being a parish coordinator who brings others to the Congress.

At this amazing free two-day event, you will have the opportunity to see the incredible diversity of our Church on full display. Every culture will bring its gifts. Every age group has the opportunity to explore their faith in a way that is meaningful to them. You can experience different worship styles, vibrant music and dance, quiet prayer and reflection, offer service to those in need and listen to some of the best national and international presenters in the Church today.

All of this is united by the common thread of Christ in the Eucharist. “Come back to me,” the Lord is waiting for you.

“I think people are drawn to attend the Congress for a number of reasons – but perhaps the most valuable, once we put God’s glory and our prayer of thanksgiving in the first place, is the chance to see the Church gathered in one place, at one time, in its marvelous diversity, but joined in a miraculous unity that can only happen when the Holy Spirit is present. Of course, this also happens in every parish – but at the congress, the picture is grand, and the feeling of belonging is magnified – in other words, it is exciting, thrilling and no one goes away disappointed.”

Most Rev. John F. Donoghue, Archbishop of Atlanta
founder of Eucharistic Congress

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