Coordinators are the parish-level cheerleaders for this event. These volunteers play a vital role in assisting their busy parish, mission and/or school with the important tasks of advertising the Congress to their faith community, recruiting volunteers, facilitating the sale of Eucharistic Congress t-shirts and organizing transportation to the event (car pools, buses, etc.). This page will provide resources for our coordinators to help them as they prepare for this year’s Eucharistic Congress. Please see below for additional information. If you have any questions, please call 404-920-6800 or email

Coordinator Responsibilities:

The Eucharistic Congress Coordinators are responsible for all of the following (please discuss with your pastor/principal before implementing):

  • Parish/School Congress t-shirt sales
  • Arranging transportation to the Congress
  • Ordering and sharing promotional materials with pastor/principal
  • Promoting the Eucharistic Congress as approved by the pastor/principal
  • Encouraging volunteer registration – ideally at least 15 volunteers from each parish/school (with two of these working in the Children’s Track)
  • Provide a banner to participate in the procession

Current Coordinators

Parish/School Name Coordinator's Name
Transfiguration - MariettaChristine Faller Peyroux
St. Jude the Apostle Catholic School - Sandy SpringsPatty childs
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church - HapevilleCathy Asemota
St Thomas Aquinas - AlpharettaRicardo Luzondo
St Theresa - DouglasvilleDanielle P Colas
Saint John the Evangelist Catholic School - HapevilleMs. Karen Vogtner
Most Blessed Sacrament - AtlantaRose Holmes