First Communicants

One of the most beautiful traditions at the Eucharistic Congress is the procession. We honor those who are preparing or have just received their first Communion by giving them a special place in the procession. What a wonderful way to celebrate this very special sacrament.

The procession for first communicants at the Eucharistic Congress is Saturday, June 18, in the afternoon. Children should wear their first Communion attire and be dropped off by a parent or guardian in the hallway between Hall A and the Spanish Suite at 4:30-4:55 p.m.

Reserved seating is provided for first communicants and their parents. Parents must sit in reserved section, behind the first communicants, which is the first section on the right side of the center aisle when facing the altar.

It is very important that you are prompt. Please also make sure that the children use the restroom prior to being dropped off for the procession. No children will be dismissed during Mass.