English Track

June 18, 2022

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Exhibit Hall C, D

Donna Cori Gibson

Donna Cori Gibson is a singer and songwriter of contemporary Catholic music. After years of working in New York as a professional, singer, songwriter and studio musician, Gibson now lives in the Midwest, far from the secular scene. A lay Carmelite since 1999, her music is focused on prayer and explaining the truths of the Catholic Church with Scripture. Songs include word for word prayers from the Bible (as singing makes for easy memorization) and well-known prayers of the church and saints. Setting prayers to music is Gibson’s way of helping brothers and sisters in the Lord to “Pray without ceasing.”

Dr. Scott Hahn has said of her, “I find Donna’s music to be prayerfully deep and inspiring. Simply and uncomplicatedly Catholic, her message is soaked in Scripture. When I listen to her music, I hear the same thing that I have discovered and try to share in my teaching: the beauty and power of the Catholic Faith. God has really gifted Donna with a powerful voice and a pure heart.”