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June 2, 2018 @ 1:45 pm

Stephen K. “Steve” Ray

Stephen K. Ray, named after the first martyr of the Church, was born December 29, 1954 to parents who had just become Christians through a Billy Graham Crusade. They were a strong Fundamentalist Baptist family and Ray was dedicated to Jesus in the local Baptist church. At four years old, he “asked Jesus into his heart” and was “born again” according to Baptist tradition. Ray often did street evangelism, taught the Bible in various churches and conducted a successful series of classes in his home and various Protestant churches between extended trips abroad.

In 1976, he married Janet Ray who came from a long line of Protestants. With two small children in tow, they moved to Europe for one year where they traveled extensively, researching their Reformation roots in Switzerland, Germany, England and other countries.

After being a Fundamentalist Protestant of 39 years and members of various Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant churches, Steve Ray and his wife converted to the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday, 1994.

The Rays now attend Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Since becoming Catholics, Steve and Janet have traveled extensively in the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Greece and Italy researching their new Catholic faith and gathering material for their books and video series.

Ray is a regular guest on “Catholic Answers Live” and has appeared on a wide range of radio and television programs including several guest appearances on “The Journey Home” on EWTN, “Living His Life Abundantly” and “Life on the Rock.” He has also been interviewed several times on Fox Cable Network News and Fox & Friends, and has done radio interviews with Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio and the G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Besides enjoying their children and grandchildren at home and serving their local parish, The Rays now spend most of their time researching, writing, teaching Catholic Bible studies, lecturing, creating documentaries, leading pilgrimages to biblical lands and sharing the joy of discovering the Catholic Church.

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